Zioxi onView iPad Charging Trolley - 20 iPads/Tablets - Key Lock

Zioxi onView iPad Charging Trolley - 20 iPads/Tablets - Key Lock
  • Zioxi onView iPad Charging Trolley - 20 iPads/Tablets - Key Lock
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Zioxi onView iPad Charging Trolley - 20 iPads/Tablets - Key Lock\n\nThe zioxi onView iPad Charging trolleys provide low carbon charging and storage for 16, 20 or 32 iPads and tablet computers with upto 10a‚¬ screen sizes. iPad and tablets are stored horizontally on shelves making access easy with only a short length of USB lead presented to each shelf.\n\nzioxi onView technology provides Green, Smart & Timed Charge options to reduce energy consumption and protect battery life; local, web and automatic schedule control; configurable rule based alerts to flag when trolleys aren™t plugged in, locked or have finished charging; and powerful status & usage information like how many devices are charging, trolley locations on a map view and how much a trolley is used.\n\nzioxi onView controlled low carbon charging trolley and secure storage for iPads, tablets, Kindles and eReaders.\n\nKey trolley features:\n\nRobust, very simple to use, and an elegant & unobtrusive iPad cart design\n\nCharge using manufacturer supplied chargers\n\nzioxi cable management so it™s all kept neat & tidy, with only a short length of power lead presented to each shelf\n\nChoice of digital code, RFID access card or key locks (with master override keys for code & RFID locks)\n\nDoors fold back 270 degrees preventing damage, allowing full & easy access and with magnetic retention\n\nOn wheels, with lockable castors\n\nHorizontal device storage for ease of use by all\n\niPad trolleys for schools, universities and businesses\n\nonView web management features include:\n\nSmart Charge a‚¬œ automatically finishes charging once all devices are fully charged to prolong battery life & save energy (& there™s a Green Charge option to automatically charge at the times of lowest carbon electricity generation a‚¬œ selected countries only)\n\nAutomatic alerts a‚¬œ set your own alerts and alarms if the iPad trolley isn™t plugged into mains power or charging, doors are unlocked, charging temperatures are too high or insufficient devices are on charge; ensuring all devices are charged and ready for use the next day\n\nSchedules a‚¬œ charge automatically according to your own schedules either for a Timed Period or using Smart Charge, any number of times during a day & week and at low tariff times\n\nInformation a‚¬œ find out where the iPad cart is, when & how long it was last on charge and how much it is used\n\nWeb based a‚¬œ so access from anywhere, anytime using the browser based onView management console or mobile App .\n\nCurrent Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks

Zioxi onView iPad Charging Trolley - 20 iPads/Tablets - Key Lock - Specifications

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