Zioxi CHRGT-GC-15-C-O3 Trolley Lead time is 5 - 6 weeks

Zioxi CHRGT-GC-15-C-O3 Trolley Lead time is 5 - 6 weeks
  • Zioxi CHRGT-GC-15-C-O3 Trolley Lead time is 5 - 6 weeks
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Product Description
Gripcase iPad Charging Trolley\n\nThe Gripcase iPad Charging Trolley provides charge only or charge & sync for 15 or 30 iPads and tablets in extra large bumper style cases, such as Gripcase, Evecase and Big Grips. Only a short length of USB cable is presented to users for each device, keeping the cabinet neat & tidy. Doors fold back 270 degrees for easy access and there are handle cut outs to help you steer. Small, compact enclosure with lockable doors.\n\nCharging cart for iPads in large bumper cases\n\nThe zioxi iPad Gripcase Trolleys and Stations provide the ability to charge & store iPads and tablet computers in extra large cases a" with cables presented and retained at the front of each shelf and all in a very compact, easily moved and unobtrusive unit.\n\nKey features:\n\nCharging using the manufacturer supplied chargers or the zioxi USB charge & sync module, all stored in a separate secured electrical compartment\n\nCable management with only a short length of retained USB cable at the front a" so cables are all neat & tidy, very simple to connect and can™t go missing\n\nElectrical bay cover in orange.\n\nChoice of digital code or key locks\n\nDesign & construction supports wireless device sync\n\nDoors fold back 270 degrees and retained by magnetic latches\n\nHandle cut outs to help you steer, lockable doors and lockable castors\n\nLarge shelf size to accommodate oversize cases including Gripcase, Big Grips, GoNow and Evecase a" but if you™re not sure, please just ask us.\n\nAvailable as a compact trolley or cupboard and in charge & sync or charge only variants\n\nFinish\n\nMelamine-faced MDF carcase and doors in white. Compact laminate top for trolleys.\n\nCharge only\n\nCharge only products require user supplied mains power adapters. (We recommend the use of manufacturer supplied adapters to ensure safe delivery of the correct current).\n\nThe orientation and size of AC adapters (plug tops) for Android tablets varies significantly. All adapters other than those with a sideways exit of the USB cable from the adapter will fit in our standard trolleys and cupboards. We have solutions for all adapter designs, so please contact us if you™d like to check suitability.\n\nRequires 1 power socket. Individual iPad & tablet USB cables are required but not included. UK and EU AC adapters supported, others by request. Our iPad and Tablet trolleys are not suitable for devices with laptop brick style AC adapters a" please see our Chromebook & Laptop Trolleys.\n\nCharge & Sync\n\nCharge & Sync products require only the USB cables supplied with the iPad or tablet. The USB cable for connecting your host computer (eg. laptop) to the charge & sync module is supplied.\n\nWarranty\n\n5 years (2 years for electrics)\n\n

Zioxi CHRGT-GC-15-C-O3 Trolley Lead time is 5 - 6 weeks - Specifications

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