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Product Description
86" Professional UHD Signage Displays\n\nPDU86SF80B/4\n\nKey Features\n\nResolution: 3840x2160 (UHD)\n\nBrightness: 500 cd/m\n\nOperation: 24/7\n\nBezel: 16-39 mm (T/R/L), 21-39 mm (B)\n\nInterface: HDMI 2.0 / VGA / USB / RS232 /RJ45 / RJ12 / IR / HP / Audio / Speaker\n\nApplication Area: Control Room, Retail, Restaurants QSR, Public Venue\n\nSignal Failover\n\nOur displays have a protection for “No Signal”. If the source is disconnected, the display will either show your customized banner or search for any other signal from video sources. Since blank screen is the worst case scenario for advertisement, failover is one of the critical feature in our signage displays.\n\nDisplay Control\n\nDigital Signage Display SoC enables the users to control our displays using RS232 commands in a Local Area Network. Together with the full RS232 command list you can change/set volume, turn on/off the monitor, set a schedule for content display, set a webpage link to be displayed and give a wide range of commands in real-time.\n\nScheduler\n\nThe built in scheduler is one of the many important included features. The scheduler allows you to plan daily routines of when the display is powered on or off, along with selection of different sources or USB playlists.\n\nPixel Shifting\n\nThe Pixel Shifting feature can be activated in order to reduce the potential risk of image sticking when static content is displayed over long periods of time. The feature periodically shifts the image on the display, without causing any interference of the visual experience.\n\nExternal Device Connections\n\nYou may want to connect your teleconference system, screen sharing system, set-top box or external PCs via HDMI port. For this purposes, our monitors help you to maximize user experience with HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) and HDMI Hotplug capabilities.\n\nUsb Security\n\nThis series lets your USB and your content to be secured within the back cover of the display. The cover is protected with a screw not allowing any outside intervention.\n\nUsb Auto-Play\n\nYou will be able to show photo and video content automatically with USB Auto-play feature. SoC software gives you a choice to turn on USB auto-play function making it easy for end-users to show any media on the screen and not worry about anything else.\n\nOPS Support\n\nAll our products in this series have compliance with OPS (Open Pluggable Standard). OPS will empower your screens with enhanced processing power and ability to choose Windows or Android as your operating system to fit your specific application.\n\nSubtle Design\n\nThis series’ displays exhibit ultra narrow bezel design eliminating the visual superfluities, directing audience focus on your advertised content. This series is found to be desirable for digital signage specific design: internal usb cover, OPS-slot, detachable power plug, carrying handles and IR extender.\n\nSoC Content Management\n\nWith quad core SoC (System on Chip), this Series displays are the digital signage monitors for both offline designed content and cloud-based managed content. This helps your digital content to be displayed in the displays by content management systems.\n\nOpen Platform Support\n\nOur SoC supports API (Application Programming Interface) for solution providers/integrators to develop and integrate any HTML5-based to be installed and used on our displays.\n\nDaisy Chain\n\nThe display can mirror the content (to another display) into its display port out coming from its display port in. This set up creates a daisy chain like structure allowing for monitors to be set up as Video Wall mode.\n\nCrestron Connected\n\nCrestron Connected certification complements VESTELs presence with inside the corporate, retail, government, better training and hospitality markets, all of which use expert AV controls. As those sectors hold to evolve with growing necessities for simple-to-use merchandise, seamless integration, dependable answers and community connectivity.\n\n

Vestel 86" Professional UHD Signage Displays - Specifications

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