Smart Technologies SMART Board 86" SBID-MX286-V3N-v2 interactive

Smart Technologies SMART Board 86
  • Smart Technologies SMART Board 86
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86" SBID-MX286-V3 Interactive Display , 4K UHD, 400 cd/m2 with IQ\n\nReady to get your SMART interactive flat panel? Do you require a demonstration, installation or quantity price? Get in contact below\n\nGet a quote\n\nSMART Board MX: Powerfully simple\n\nThe key to collaborative learning\n\nTeachers want simplicity, and the SMART Board MX delivers. Easily connect devices, content and learning experiences, both in and out of the classroom. And with a SMART Board that’s easy to deploy and support, you achieve return on your technology investment and a lower total cost of ownership.\n\n4K Ultra HD, LED 50,000 hrs, zero-bonded glass\n\nHyPr Touch™ with Advanced IR\n\n20 points of touch\n\nAmbient light sensors\n\nFree software included\n\nPersonalized login\n\nSMART Assure warranty\n\nENERGY STAR, & Eco design certified\n\nInteractivity made easy\n\nWith industry-leading touch, digital ink and personalization features, the SMART Board MX is an investment in seamless interactivity that you can count on for years to come. And an incredibly easy user experience means minimal training time and tech support.\n\nBetter touch, more collaboration\n\nNo more tool selection or mode switching, HyPr Touch with Advance IR technology keeps track of 20 interactions simultaneously. That means multiple students can write, move, gesture and erase all at once, without tool selection or mode switching to interrupt the flow of learning.\n\nNew zero-bonded glass empowers the most precise interactions and digital ink, so the MX series is perfect for teaching everything from the biggest big ideas to the smallest details.\n\nBuilt-in Android, redesigned for the K-12 classroom\n\nNo computer needed. Give teachers an easier and more accessible way to engage students in the classroom and on their device with an integrated K-12 Androida-based experience that is purpose-designed to be easy to use for teachers, regardless of technology comfort level.\n\nEasy to maintain and support, and with regular feature updates through automatic OTA (over-the-air) updates, iQ is the best choice to ensure your technology investment continues to meet the changing needs of your teachers and classrooms.\n\nInk anywhere, on any file type\n\nSMART’s best-in-class annotation experience isn’t just limited to a whiteboard. SMART Ink software puts annotations where you want them to write into any web browser, and the ink stays even when teachers navigate away.\n\nAnnotate and mark up familiar file types. Write into PDFs and Microsoft Office files, then save your notes in almost any file type. Move, copy/paste and erase notes or even convert them to text, without needing to change pens or turn on new tool settings each time you want to ink. All without an overlay or special ink mode.\n\nConnect any learning environment\n\nConnect content, devices and learning experiences in and out of class, for flexible sharing and collaboration. SMART Board MX series interactive displays provide one streamlined, continuous platform for lesson delivery, interactivity and engagement, empowering teachers with a far reach and meaningful methods for blended and remote learning for students.\n\nConnect student devices for more meaningful learning\n\nCollaborate with the iQ whiteboard, from anywhere. Students can quickly and easily connect via a browser, and contribute with multi-way inking.\n\nGo beyond screen mirroring. Share whiteboards and lessons to all your student devices with student-paced learning, and let every student navigate between lesson pages, zoom content and see clearly whether they’re in or out of the classroom. Toggle back to teacher-paced learning at anytime to bring the class back together.\n\nScreen share from student devices with options that work for your environment. Easily share up to four screens at once and stream media with native, browser-based and app-based screen sharing options.\n\nInstant brainstorming and discussion with Shout It Out. Get the whole class thinking together and capture every student's ideas, questions, and connections in one space. Every student can share ideas to the SMART from their device, no matter where they are, giving equal opportunity to share.\n\nSupports Windows and Mac\n\nGet the full SMART Board experience, including 20 points of touch and digital ink with any connected Windows or Mac computer acros

Smart Technologies SMART Board 86" SBID-MX286-V3N-v2 interactive - Specifications

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