Smart Technologies SMART Board 65" 6265S Pro interactive display

Smart Technologies SMART Board 65
  • Smart Technologies SMART Board 65
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Product Description
The most resilient companies run SMART\n\nIn the new global business reality, companies need to adapt to changing needs. Gain a competitive edge with the power of SMART Board Pro interactive displays and software. Elevate digital collaboration, enhance modern conferencing, enable remote working and improve training outcomes, all with exceptional ease.\n\nBroad Compatibility\n\nWorks well with the software, hardware, peripherals and platforms you know and use.\n\nEasy for everyone\n\nEngineered for simplicity, making it easy for first-time and occasional users to connect and interact.\n\nScreensharing made simple\n\nWirelessly share up to four screens to the display with native and app-based screen sharing for a cable-free experience.\n\nBetter video conferencing\n\nSMART Pro displays work together with UVC webcams, and Zoom, Microsoft Teamsa, Google Meeta, Cisco, Webex and other leading UC&C platforms.\n\nDesigned for the future of modern businesses\n\nSMART future-ready enterprise solutions are perfectly suited to a wide range of sectors and applications. Optimize meetings, capture feedback on the fly and get everyone on the same page fast with SMART Pro displays and software.\n\nArchitecture, Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing & Design\n\nFor architecture and engineering firms who need to produce precise deliverables, mark up and review trade designs, get the most from teams and contractors and make tight deadlines, SMART Pro displays have you covered a€“ no matter what stage you’re at in the design process.\n\nLaw enforcement & emergency services\n\nFor law enforcement and emergency services teams who need to securely work on plans, evaluate evidence and make quick decisions, SMART Pro displays are the best way to capture information, connect to people who need it and see everything happen in real time.\n\nMeetings and Conferences\n\nFor businesses who want to transform meetings from a place where work is discussed to a place where work gets done, SMART Pro displays make collaboration easy to help inspire better outcomes in your professional space.\n\nCorporate training\n\nFor businesses that need to increase the capability of their teams, in workplaces that are more distributed than ever, SMART Pro displays help you provide high-quality, cost-effective training to remote and in-office participants.\n\nProductive remote meetings\n\nFor business and government, SMART Pro displays with powerful collaborative solutions bring interactive contribution to anywhere you work a€“ in the office, at home or around the world.\n\nTrue collaboration\n\nRaise participation to new heights. With SMART TeamWorksa Connected edition and Server, remote participants can contribute to the connected whiteboard from their devices using a TeamWorks Contributor app as easily as their colleagues at the display.\n\nHome and away\n\nWith SMART Meeting Pro Personal, colleagues can prepare, review, work on files and collaborate with co-workers before, during and after a meeting from anywhere.\n\nBetter communication\n\nBring the touch, inking and gestures of a SMART display into your home with the SMART Podiuma interactive pen display. With connected computer, write over files on the fly to capture feedback and collaborate with remote participants.\n\nWorkflows to get things done\n\nToday’s workflows are about going beyond communicating to collaborating. SMART has spent 30 years designing hardware and software solutions that work together to create dynamic interactive environments.\n\nWhether your technology needs are for boardroom presentations, remote collaboration or open brainstorming a€“ SMART has you covered.\n\nTrue collaboration\n\nGo beyond participation a€“ there’s no limit to what you can contribute, mark up and share.\n\nBYOM\n\nBring your own meeting means you can jump from one conferencing platform to another with a click.\n\nLocal or remote\n\nFacilitate in-room presentations and collaboration or have teams contribute remotely.\n\nPlug in... or don’t\n\nSMART solutions work with all types of mobile phones, tablets and computers a€“ wired or wireless.\n\nExceptional security\n\nSMART embedded whiteboard applications use industry-standard security practices to help protect data shared between the whiteboard, a mobile device, email or third-par

Smart Technologies SMART Board 65" 6265S Pro interactive display - Specifications

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