Sapphire In Ceiling Electric Screens, SESC180BV-A2, 4.3, 1.7m Wide

Sapphire In Ceiling Electric Screens, SESC180BV-A2, 4.3, 1.7m Wide
  • Sapphire In Ceiling Electric Screens, SESC180BV-A2, 4.3, 1.7m Wide
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Product Description
Key Features\n\nViewing Size: 1.7m x 1.2m\n\n4:3 Ratio\n\n84" Diagonal Image Size\n\nIR Remote included\n\nMatte White Fabric Screen\n\nGain 1:1\n\n13.4kg Weight\n\nGET THE HIGH END LOOK WITHOUT THE HIGH END PRICE.\n\nMade with such care and attention it is shame to hide it in the ceiling!. When fitted you will hardly notice the screen other than a very smart ribbed aluminium profile edged by a stylish curved end panel at each side of the screen. As it is all white it will blend in with most ceilings.\n\nOverview\n\nAll Sapphire Screens are supplied with a picture enhancing black border which will frame the image for an excellent viewing experience.\n\nMicro perforated top black border.\n\nSupplied with a 10m trigger cable to enable you to trigger the screen once the projector is on or off (projector need a 12v output)\n\nThe Screen is supplied with an Infra red remote control and IR extender so that the screen can be recessed or hidden out of sight.\n\nSupplied with bear end cables for RS232 and contact closure control.\n\nThe remote control will operate the screen up to 8 meters away.\n\nEnergy saving with the ultra low power consumption.\n\nOnly 45 Decibels.\n\nSleek white aluminium casing will allow a discreet installation in any environment.\n\nChannel fix brackets allow the Screen to be wall or ceiling mounted at any position along the casing.\n\n2.7 meters of power cable with a standard UK power plug.\n\nExcellent Quality - We stand by the quality of our products by offering an outstanding 3 year warranty.\n\nFabric specifications:\n\nSapphire's matt white fabric is composed of triple ply fibreglass laminate which helps prevent wrinkles and waves. The screen fabric consists of a special material that helps prevent the loss of light, making it compatible with non short throw projectors. Our screen fabrics are designed to be fire, water, and mould resistant and can be cleaned if necessary. The top layer of the fabric has microdots that are made with PVC technology that helps create the best possible reflection.\n\nThe 1.1 gain reflects the same amount of light back that the projector produces achieving a true cinema experience.\n\nThe back of the fabric is completely black enabling you to put this in front of a window.\n\nInstallation:\n\nThis screen can be wall or ceiling mounted. The channel fix brackets are designed for a one man installation and can be situated anywhere along the profile of the casing. For example this means that the brackets can be positioned central to the casing if you wanted to install on a chimney breast.\n\n/span/pp class="csE77A638E"spanimg src=[removed]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

Sapphire In Ceiling Electric Screens, SESC180BV-A2, 4.3, 1.7m Wide - Specifications

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