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Elmo CRB-1
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ELMO™s mobile IWB\n\nThe CRB-1 interactive pen is the first PC-free IWB system, that enables you to write directly on a screen or LCD display. However, you can also combine the CRB-1 with your computer. With ease, you can turn your screen into a mobile IWB. It weights only 140 g and can be used in nearly every surrounding.\n\nGive Instructions Immediately! The ELMO Interactive Pen is the first PC-free interactive system*(when in use with the ELMO Interactive Visualiser) which allows you to add instructions directly on the presented image and use cool presentation tools. The First PC-Free Interactive System The CRB-1™s wireless receiver can be plugged into the ELMO Interactive visualiser(L-12, P30HD or P100HD) directly, allowing direct touch application and annotation on live images captured by the ELMO visualisers. It™s totally PC FREE! Easy Set-Up Simply attach the CRB-1™s sensor bar to a TV monitor or a projector screen and you are ready for interactive teaching experience. The whole system is managed via a wireless receiver(dongle) for œplug & Play. Presentation on-the-go! The whole solution weighs only 140g (Sensor bar: 75g, Interactive Pen: 34g, Wireless Sender: 26g) and size as small as a TV remote control, the CRB-1 mobile IWB is ideal for your presentation on the go! Cost-Effective Interactivity Make your classroom interactive without buying costly electronic whiteboards or new touch application TV screen. ELMO mobile IWB can turn your existing projector, TV screen into an interactive solution in a second!\n\nThere are two ways, to use the CRB - 1\n\nDirectly with the ELMO\n\nannotate and draw onto ELMO™s live images without a computer write directly on your display or projection Best for annotations on 3D objects Whiteboard mode Store all annotations as JPEG files on SD memory card Comfortable control of all important ELMO functions\n\nIn combination with a PC\n\nControl your PC by touching the projection screen or monitor with the interactive pen The ELMO software EIT allows annotations on live images and various other backgrounds Versatile additional functions like adding pictures and notes, recording and annotating videos and much more!

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