Celexon DELUXX Cinema Frame Screen SlimFrame 221 x 124cm, 100" -

Celexon DELUXX Cinema Frame Screen SlimFrame 221 x 124cm, 100
  • Celexon DELUXX Cinema Frame Screen SlimFrame 221 x 124cm, 100
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Product Description
Please note: This items ships directly from the manufacturer and is not available on a timed or next day delivery. Typical lead time is 2 - 3 days from order.\n\nDELUXX Cinema Frame Screen SlimFrame 221 x 124cm, 100" - BRIGHTVISION\n\nThe Cinema Slimframe is the latest generation of frame screens from DELUXX. Through years of development and experience in screen manufacture, we have produced this high-quality slim frame. The Deluxx 2.0 Gain high-contrast fabric "BRIGHTVISION" filters out the disturbing scattered light and concentrates the projection light back to the viewer to a very high degree.\n\nThe Deluxx Cinema SlimFrame - BrightVision combines the best reflection results in bright conditions.\n\nThe Deluxx BrightVision SlimFrame ALR is a high-quality, high-gain frame screen with a velvet-coated 12mm frame - LED TV design up to 160".\n\nThe screen fabric was specially developed to increase the contrast of the picture under bright ambient conditions. Even in such environments, our BrightVision fabric enhances typical "washout effects" or "gray haze." In addition, it boosts the black level, creating vivid Full HD and 4K HDR content.\n\nOur SlimFrame features a sturdy, extruded aluminum frame and uses the thinnest visible frame on the market for maximum visibility with minimal footprint. With a framed edge of only 12mm, the ultra-slim frame provides a sleek and refined look that's ideal for today's conference or home cinema applications. Its unique design resembles a high-quality LED TV, but allows a much larger viewing area.\n\nThe BrightVision fabric effectively reflects and condenses incident light from the projector to the viewer's and absorbs ambient light to noticeably improve the brightness and contrast of the image, even in bright conditions.\n\nProjection effectively protects the human eye, as reflected light is proven to be healthier to the eye, than actively shining light, as in an LED display.\n\nWith advanced surface coating technology, the DELUXX Cinema SlimFrame BrightVision frame looks like new for decades and has a lifespan of well over 10 years. (in typical indoor use)\n\nDeluxx's BrightVision contrast cloth has been developed with an extremely fine surface texture and is already suitable for 8K.\n\nScreen Fabric:\n\n221 x 124cm visible area\n\n2.0 Gain BRIGHTVISION technology for the best possible contrast and colour in bright environments\n\nSignificantly better in-picture contrast than classic matt-white cloth surfaces\n\nFine cloth structure, fully suitable for 4K, also suitable for 8k\n\n90 degree viewing angle, light is focused to the viewer's center\n\nPerfect flatness and no frills\n\nAmbient light repellent and absorbent\n\nStable PET carrier fabric with multilayer coating for the longest service life\n\nFor standard/long-throw projectors\n\nAmbilight Rejecting (ALR)\n\nHigh 2.0 gain\n\nFrame:\n\nExtremely rigid, extruded aluminium frame\n\nVelvet-coated 12mm frame mount in modern flat-TV design\n\nEffectively absorbs edge reflections and conceals potential convergence problems\n\nInnovative fabric attachment by circumferential, permanent spring tension\n\n45 angle plug system, easy to install\n\nUp to 160" in 16: 9\n\nSpecifications\n\nManufacturer\n\nDELUXX\n\nName\n\nDELUXX Cinema Frame Screen SlimFrame 221 x 124cm, 100" - BRIGHTVISION\n\nSKU\n\n1000004637\n\nManufacturers Code / SKU\n\n1000004637\n\nProducts EAN\n\n4250065000002\n\nScreen type\n\nFixed frame\n\nProjection type\n\nFront projection\n\nFormat\n\n16:9\n\nViewing area (weight)\n\n221 cm\n\nViewing area (height)\n\n124 cm\n\nBlack back\n\nNo\n\nGain factor\n\n2\n\nMount\n\nWall\n\nColour\n\nBlack\n\nProduct dimensions (width)\n\n224.3 cm\n\nProduct dimensions (height)\n\n127.5 cm\n\nProduct dimensions (depth)\n\n4.15 cm\n\nProduct weight (net)\n\n11.4\n\nCondition\n\nNew\n\nWarranty\n\n24 month\n\nWarranty type\n\nBringin service\n\n

Celexon DELUXX Cinema Frame Screen SlimFrame 221 x 124cm, 100" - - Specifications

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