avocor K/AVE-5530+ALZ-ZRMK+MeetUp

avocor K/AVE-5530+ALZ-ZRMK+MeetUp
  • avocor K/AVE-5530+ALZ-ZRMK+MeetUp
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Questions? Need a demo? Need installation?\n\nGET IN TOUCH WITH ONE OF OUR SPECIALIST AV PROFESSIONALS FOR MORE INFORMATION ON AVOCOR INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS\n\nCall us on 0800 170 7012\n\nAvocor and Logitech have joined forces to bring you the ALZ series - four simple-to-use, yet incredibly powerful Zoom Room for Touch solutions to bring interactive whiteboarding, video and content sharing at room scale to Zoom meetings in focus rooms, executive offices, huddle rooms and meeting spaces. The ALZ series integrates feature-rich, high-performing technology brought together to optimize collaboration. By combining Avocor interactive displays, the popular Logitech MeetUp, the Zoom-ready Avocor Open Pluggable Solution (OPS) Intel PC, custom mounting and custom cabling solution, the Avocor ALZ series are best-in-industry solutions for organizations deploying Zoom for communication and collaboration in every place that meetings happen. AVOCOR ALZ SERIES\n\nTHE LOGITECH MEETUP VIDEO CONFERENCING CAMERA The Avocor ALZ series includes the Logitech MeetUp, a premium ConferenceCam that enables effective video conferencing for Zoom Room Touch. Front-facing audio on the MeetUp provides a clear, natural experience as people see and hear everyone in the room while avoiding audio degradation of rear - and down-firing speakers found on some displays. Everyone in the room is easily brought into the conversation because the MeetUp is a 4K camera with a wide field of view and motorized pan/tilt lens that provides total room coverage of more than 160 degrees. Further, the Meetup includes premium optics that eliminate warping and fisheye effect. The MeetUp also employs Logitech RightSighta auto-framing that finds people in the room for perfect focus and intelligent cropping. The robust capabilities of the MeetUp camera mean crystal-clear images that are focused and more flexible than fixed angle camera lens utilized in other all-in-one solutions. AVOCOR ALZ SERIES INTERACTIVE TOUCH SCREEN\n\nALZ SERIES: AVOCOR INTERACTIVE DISPLAY The Avocor ALZ series offers four display screen sizes: 55, 65, 75 and 86, and features exceptional 4K resolution, superior inking and pixel-precise touch that most closely resembles writing on paper. They also offer slightly textured, firm glass that, unlike plastic screens, makes writing and annotating seamless. Every ALZ is paired with a hard-tip stylus, which allows for smooth drawing, writing and easy idea-sharing between teams. The screen is also anti-glare, so it can be added to virtually any room or space, without concern of lighting impact and it is resistant to fingerprints. With natural, seamless whiteboarding that provides precision down to the pixel, Avocor™s displays are 4K at 60Hz, which means not only crystal-clear images but also low-to-no lag. SEAMLESS INTEGRATION The pre-configured Zoom Room OPS PC minimizes cabling by integrating directly into the display for a sleek finished installation. Simple provisioning requires just a few settings to be confirmed during initial boot up, after which Zoom Rooms will start and provisioning is as simple as entering the Zoom Room activation code* *License purchased separately SIMPLE INSTALLATION Simple and easy to deploy at scale, the Avocor ALZ lets spaces be enabled for Zoom meetings quickly. Avocor™s custom mount secures the Logitech MeetUp directly to the top of the display with just three screws and because of the proprietary power/data cable between the MeetUp and the OPS, the entire system runs off one wall outlet a" no power strips required. ALL-IN-ONE CONFERENCE CAMERA Logitech MeetUp features front-facing audio for the best clarity as well as a 4K camera with an extra-wide FOV (Field of View) and motorized pan/tilt lens to provide 160 degrees of total room coverage without the fisheye distortion that plagues typical wide-angle cameras. Wherever people sit or stand, RightSighta auto-framing automatically moves the lens and zooms up to 5x to perfectly frame everyone in the room. ENHANCED GROUP COLLABORATION The Avocor ALZ™s feature exceptional 4K resolution, superior inking and pixel-precise touch that most closely resembles writing on paper. The Avocor ALZ series represents the most advanced display technology on the market, starting with slightly textured, firm glass that, unlike plastic screens, makes writing and annotating seamless and precis

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