ALPHA 75" Interactive Touch Screen (ALPHA-SCR-00005)

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Product Description
Alpha have combined high-quality durable hardware, improved connectivity and a user-friendly interface to create the Alpha Interactive range of interactive touchscreens, perfect for the modern classroom or business.\n\nThe toughened anti-glare glass means that you will no longer have to close the blinds or turn the lights off when presenting and the screens can withstand knocks and bumps along the way, meaning your interactive touchscreen is a great investment for years to come. The Alpha Interactive screens are ‘plug and play’ so you can simply plug in your laptop or PC and instantly start using the screen, no calibration or downloads necessary.\n\nThe 5 year on-site warranty gives you the peace of mind that your screen will last.\n\nAvailable in various sizes from 43" - 98" using the latest LED commercial grade screen technology, our screens give you a level of freedom and flexibility that is limited only by your imagination. Whether training, presenting or teaching, our screens will allow you to work across multiple devices; share, annotate and edit collaboratively, all made possible through our unique and user-friendly interface. The screens come with inbuilt Android OS so you can instantly browse the web, play games or download apps. We also offer optional inbuilt Windows PCs to avoid troublesome wires.\n\nFeatures\n\nInbuilt Android\n\nMulti touch support (10 points as standard)\n\n30W speaker system\n\n4K Ultra HD LED\n\nPlug and Play with no need to calibrate or load any drivers\n\nToughened Anti-Glare Glass\n\n5 year on-site warranty\n\nStandard wall mount and cable pack included\n\nOptional inbuilt PC unit\n\nScreen mirroring\n\nSeamless Interactivity\n\nThe Alpha Interactive allows 10 points of touch as standard, meaning you can have 10 people touching the screen simultaneously. This enables instant collaboration with pin-point accuracy.\n\nHDMI and VGA connections make it easy to integrate with your current technology.\n\nEShare screen mirroring software is preloaded onto the screen, enabling you to screen share instantly with your tablet or mobile device.\n\nUltra HD 4K Resolution\n\nOur Alpha Interactive touchscreens are 4K Ultra HD LED screens so you can get the clearest of pictures to display your content.\n\nIncluded Accessories\n\nWith your AlphaInteractive, you will receive a standard wall mount, HDMI cable, USB cable, VGA cable, AUX cable and a remote control. This is everything you will need to start using the screen immediately.\n\nWarranty\n\nWe include a 5 year on-site warranty as standard with our Alpha Interactive touchscreens. This means that if you have an issue with the hardware, we will happily repair or swap the screen for a like-for-like replacement.\n\nTraining\n\nWe believe that our customers should be able to make the most of the new technology they have invested in. Therefore, we offer training packages to suit all needs and budgets. We have an ex-teacher who can provide on-site training sessions where you can learn what you want to learn.\n\nSoftware\n\nWe offer two software packages that are fully compatible with our Alpha Interactive touchscreens.\n\nAlpha Teach: Alpha Teach enables presenters to bring together all their resources and access them instantly when needed. AlphaTeach is designed to help build activities and to facilitate the learning experience.\n\nSmart Notebook files can be opened natively in AlphaTeach, allowing you to edit and save content from them.\n\nEasy page navigation, ink annotation, ink-to-text, easy text entry, shapes, image placements and format printer. Everything is instantly scaled, rotated, moved on the page or between pages.\n\nThe same applies to video, flash, sound files, and the built-in web browser. Look further and you’ll also find the usual whiteboarding features: spotlight, magnifier, full screen views, screen capture, screen annotate, cropping, transparency eyedropper, format painter etc.\n\nWordwall\n\nWordwall is an online based resource platform. You can create lessons and activities using the templates, create your own or collaborate with other teachers and use their activities that they have created.\n\nWhether you want to create a quiz, randomly switch up the seating arrangements in cl

ALPHA 75" Interactive Touch Screen (ALPHA-SCR-00005) - Specifications

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