allsee Android Cloud Network Media Player

allsee Android Cloud Network Media Player
  • allsee Android Cloud Network Media Player
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Transform Existing Displays\n\nIf you already have a screen but would like to convert it into a networked digital signage display, these media players provide a cost-effective and hassle-free solution.\n\n24/7 Commercial Grade\n\nThanks to their streamlined design, these innovative displays feature a slim depth, minimal cord clutter, and high energy efficiency. Plus, not only is the aluminium enclosure incredibly lightweight for easy installation, it also has high thermal conductivity. This allows rapid heat loss, improving overall performance and increasing lifespan.\n\nEffortless Remote Updates\n\nThese media players eliminate the need to install special software, have a dedicated PC, or have a dedicated server. Once your media player is connected to your screen and the internet, simply log in to our cloud-based CMS soft ware via our online portal and update content instantly from anywhere in the world.\n\nSuper Slim Profile\n\nWith their ultra-thin depth ensuring a seamless fit behind screens, these media players are incredibly easy to integrate when installing.\n\nAdvanced Processing and Graphics Support\n\nhese powerful media players uti lise ARM’s state-of-theart Midgard GPU architecture to off er significantly higher performance than previous chips. They also support the latest graphics APIs for smooth and impressive visuals, along with wide support for the latest feature sets.\n\nMultiple Outputs\n\nDepending on the inputs of your existing display, connect the media player via HDMI or via VGA and 3.5mm audio jack. Plus, easily increase the internal memory or att ach more devices thanks to the TF card slot and USB ports respectively for ultimate futureproofing.\n\nAndroid 5.1.1 Operating System\n\nRunning on Android 5.1.1 ensures these media players are faster and easier to update than ever before, as well as allowing live webpages to be displayed and broadening compati bility with third-party applicati ons. 4K output is also supported.\n\nPerformance Enhanced Enclosure\n\nThe innovative heat sink fin design efficiently dissipates heat, ensuring the media player stays within its optimal temperature range. Not only does this make it suitable for conti nuous 24/7 use by preventing overheating, it also vastly improves overall performance.\n\nVersatile Connectivity\n\nConnect the media player to your network using an Ethernet cable or over Wi-Fi, the choice is yours. For applications that require a dedicated network, a 4G upgrade is also available.\n\n

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