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Why ActivTable? Learning to Collaborate- Collaboration skills are increasingly recognized as critical for success in later study, adult life and in work. The multi-user architecture of the ActivTable offers teachers and students new types of collaboration not possible elsewhere. Learners can not only work collaboratively on a single activity, such as sorting shapes or building sentences, but can also engage in project-based learning tasks wherein each student accesses interactive tools to accomplish an individual task in order to ultimately achieve a common group objective. Collaborating to Learn- Effective collaboration technology brings the disparate skills of participants together to bear on any given problem, regardless of where they are on their learning journey. Each student brings to the table unique strengths, knowledge and perspective. This collaborative environment facilitates the cooperation and sharing of knowledge that lead the group to a deeper and broader understanding than they might attain on their own. Teacher Effectiveness- ActivTable activities motivate students of varied learning styles and levels and allow for customization to meet group and individual learning objectives. Activity reporting tools offer teachers insight into each student's contribution, helping to ensure that every learner is actively engaged. Features Multi-User Capability - The ActivTable features a 46" touch-sensitive HD LCD screen with ample room for collaboration by up to six students. Accessibility - This classroom-tough mobile learning center is wheelchair accessible. Ready-to-Use Content - Included are over 70 multi-user, multi-touch activities aligned to US Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and UK national standards. The Content Editor allows teachers to adapt and add content to many of the included activities. Toolbox - ActivTable's toolbox offers more than 30 intuitive tools to drive learner engagement in the classroom, including keyboards, musical instruments, math tools and web browsers. Activity Reporting and Tracking Tools - Tracking learner contributions and ensuring that each student is an active participant in classroom collaboration is simple with ActivTable's reporting and tracking tools. Teachers view each pupil's work, time on task, collaboration tools used and more. Models/Sizes ActivTable 46 Works With ActivBoard and ActiView. Options Optional Headphone kit available for 6 users. Connectivity 4 x USB-A ports, 1 x 3.5mm mic in socket, 4 x 3.5 mm stereo headphone sockets, DVI, 1 x Ethernet port and WiFi. Operating Systems Windows Installation Promethean recommends a Certified Promethean Installer install the ActivTable.

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